Reasons for Redundancy

There are different reasons for redundancy in any firm;

  • Job no longer required
  • Cashflow and business projection an issue
  • Relocation of business operation

Being made redundant is a terrible thing to happen, some people make their jobs their lives.  They use it as an identity as opposed to a way of giving themselves a career and getting paid for it.  To go through a redundancy process would completely unsettle them and cause an enormous amount of grief and anxiety.

Redundancy Advice

If you are in the process of being made redundant, you should speak to someone and ask for advice. We have found these employment lawyers helpwithemploymentlaw to be excellent You may be due a financial settlement package based on service levels with the business, this could amount to several thousands of pounds.  The figure would depend on what the government recommends per person, per year worked but also your length of service and things like quality of work and attendance could be taken into consideration.

In some larger companies they offer counselling for people who are being made redundant.  This will be a good option for some, not for others.  It depends if you feel you can speak openly to a stranger and take the advice given so you feel ready to seek out a new opportunity.

Neither you or the employer would welcome the redundancy process, but sometimes it cannot be avoided.  Some companies build in a certain way but then realise its not a profitable infrastructure and are forced to make changes to the way they run their business.


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Redundancy Relocation

TOP TIP: If you enjoy working for the employer, don’t forget to ask if they have vacancies in any other location.  Some offer a relocation package to help you move.  The transition could be easier than you think.  Take time to process the fact that you have been made redundant, nobody is going to think any less of you, its just a job and you will get another one