Health and Safety

Some companies have a dedicated health and safety team, a group of people whose main job is to ensure everyone in the working area is safe and carrying out their jobs competently.  The opposite of this is unthinkable and could result in a company losing business, clients and their workforce.

Health and Safety includes what happens inside the premises and directly outside i.e. car park.  The vehicles that are used for work, the machinery that people sit on and drive i.e. FLT Trucks, serious accidents happen each year and some could be avoided if only the correct care and attention was taken.

Outsourcing Health and Safety

We recommend using a contractor or short-term specialist for health and safety, most companies do not need someone in each day going over things that don’t need checked as regularly.    The company we recommend is very busy and their health and safety contractors are extremely knowledgeable.  In some cases we have people from corporate and also the tools.

A career in health and Safety is a very good one, people look for consultancy for anything from a few hours to a few months or years.  You would be required to attend intensive training and the company would embed you into their support infrastructure for staff members and customers.

Some industries are required to have a Health and Safety specialist onsite at all ties.  There is a lot of paperwork involved and red tape to cut through but its a very rewarding job.  Sometimes the naked eye doesn’t see things that we say day in / day out.  However a health and safety peson must adhere to the rule book at all times.

Job training is needed every few years to keep on top of qualifications for work.  Some companies require very high clearance before they will let you go into their workplace.