HR Outsourcing

Need an HR Partner

Do you need Human Resources help occasionally?  HR Outsourcing can take some of the headache away when dealing with the legal aspects of staff, contracts, recruitment etc.

You would be surprised how many people are available for HR Outsourcing.  Some are people who have taken redundancy from large corporate companies where they held a HR position and now doing it themselves.  Or you can have large companies who send people with these skills out to their clients and after paying the person, they make a profit.  Either would work for you if they were experienced in Human Resources and Organisational Management.

The business may be going for Investors in People or ISO9002 which are both prestigious for winning awards and showing your staff and customers that you care about employees.  Having an HR Outsourcing partner shows a dedication to the business and to ensure your staff are treated fairly.

HR Outsourcing can handle basic tasks or complicated projects, these may include;

  • Writing a job advertisement / Sifting through CVs
  • Inviting people to attend for interview
  • Competency based interviews
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • TUPE Transfers
  • Exit Interviews
  • Performance Management

The main role of HR Outsourcing is to be neutral and fair, to look at things clearly without emotion and look at what policies, direction and procedures are in place for guidance.  There should always be some form of direction from superiors and an HR Outsourcing consultant can possibly oversee and make recommendations based on their observations.

HR Outsourcing Service

There are many companies throughout the UK offering this service, we recommend the link on this website however you should speak to your network of associates and ask for a recommendation also.  Our recommendation is on the home page of this blog.  It is going to be as much about the person as the qualifications.